Exalted: The Games of Divinity

“What manner of fool sets children in the seats of champions when the game is at its most critical juncture? They don’t even understand the rules of the game, much less the goal and strategy of the endeavor! This is madness! Madness, I tell you! The gods have gone mad!” – Tyrik the Mad, Lunatik & Prophet, Recently Deceased

“In the 7th year following the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress, as the world found itself on the brink of ruin, torn between factions numerous & powerful, a peculiar celestial event greeted the whole of creation at midnight, three evenings before midsummer. Everyone who looked to the sky witnessed The Fall of 100,000 Gods! To the learned, we saw the most amazing meteor shower recorded in the whole of the written history! There were numerous meteorites that struck the ground all across creation, and I imagine, a scramble for whatever resources those might hold. However, one mystery remains: a great green meteorite, during the height of the shower, speed across the sky, visible over all of creation at some point during its journey. In its final seconds, witnesses record that it plunged toward the great scavenger city, Nexus. No record of its impact has surfaced, but the interest from factions, great & small, indicates that a dangerous hunt has begun.” -Professor Cynnil, Astronomer, Lecturer

“Make a wish,
And you shall see,
But for a moment,
Scant difference,
Between Mortal & Divinity”
-Fragments from a 1st Age Children’s Song Book

They call them the Games of Divinity, the games that the Primordials once used to control creation, and which the gods now play, without end. It is said that the most gods are not even powerful enough to see the games, but that they must view them through the eyes of their superiors. Only the mightiest can view a game directly, and even then, only a select few can actually play. These mysterious games, it is rumored, can change the fate of a man, a town, a nation, and even the whole of the world, in the matter of seconds.

Rumors abound that the gods have, either deliberately or accidently, allowed a piece of the Games of Divinity to crash to the earth, landing somewhere in the heart of the city of Nexus. No one is precisely sure what this piece might look like, or exactly how to use it, but the temptation for power has already brought treasure seekers from around the globe to Nexus. The most common rumor says this: The one who finds & activates the piece will be given a chance to speak a simple, but truly unlimited wish, and have their heart’s desire given to them. That rumor also states that mortals do not have the vision to understand the impact of such a wish, but this has done little to discourage would be star-hunters.

The city of Nexus, already full to the brim with traders & travelers, has become a hot bed of hopefuls, mortal & exalted. Every faction, from the Scarlet Empire to the tiniest of the Hundred Kingdoms has sent champions seeking the Fallen Piece. The Council of Entities that rules Nexus has demonstrated a remarkably open & welcome policy to the numerous violent factions within the city limits, and now the city is full to the brim with danger & intrigue.

You are Solar Exalted, Champions of the Unconquered Sun. In the First Age, your kind ruled the world. That was ended when the Dragon-Blooded launched a violent uprising & declared themselves the rulers of the world. Though the Solars are being reborn & returning to the world, you find yourselves outnumbered & distrusted. Despite long battles & constant work, little headway has occurred in restoring the world to its original station. However, the rumors surrounding the Fallen Piece have sparked hope. Surely, if anyone could find & activate the Piece, it would be the servants of the Unconquered Sun!

What legends will they tell of your deeds?

Exalted: Games of Divinity